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The Epic Keeper League (EKL) was founded in 2007 by a group of eight fantasy baseball fans, led by Anthony DiGiorgio. The other seven founding members included Matt Foge, Jacob Rosales, Garth Hall, Nader Sherafat, Adam Vargas and Robert Kranz. The league has since undergone expansion once and has had multiple team turnovers. However, despite all this, the league continues to thrive and inspire devotion from its owners.

The original rules were adopted from a standard franchise fantasy league rule set. They have been modified many times since their inception.

For a more detailed history, please see the EKL History page.

Current Teams

Craggy Island Padres

El Hebrew Hammer


Fog Devils

Happy Endings

Loma Verde

Mountain Side


Sub Par

Team Amphetamine


Year Champion
2007 El Hebrew Hammer
2008 Craggy Island Padres
2009 Oligodendrocyte
2010 El Hebrew Hammer
2011 Team Amphetamine
2012 Mountain Side
2013 Oligodendrocyte
2014 -

Current and Former Owners

Anthony DiGiorgio (2007 - present)

Matt Foge (2007 - present)

Robert Kranz (2007 - present)

Bobby Rodrigues (2007 - present)

Jacob Rosales (2007 - present)

Nader Sherafat (2007 - present)

Adam Vargas (2007 - present)

Lucas Agricola (2008 - present)

Sean Bertrand (2008 - present)

Mike Ortiz (2009 - present)

Garth Hall (2007 - 2008)

Mark Kranz (2008)

Nico Stamets (2008 - 2009)

Francis Barker (2008 - 2009)

Kevin Uttich (2009)