Every year, awards are given out as voted on by the owners. The awards for Best and Worst Auction are voted on before play begins. The remaining awards are voted on at the end of the season.

Many awards are no longer given out, or were only active for a short period of time. These now defunct awards are still listed below as well.

The most valuable player-based awards ("M," "R," and FAAB) are all voted on at season's end. Voting for these awards encourages owners to look at the manager's usage of that player, as well as what value that player may provide as a keeper. However, the ultimate interpretation of how to vote is left to the owner, and a true consensus is rarely reached.

Best Auction Edit

2007: Diamond Ducks

2008: Craggy Island Padres

2009: Oligodendrocyte

2010: Sub Par

2011: Team Amphetamine

2012: Fog Devils

2013: Oligodendrocyte

2014: Fog Devils

Best Minors/Reserve Draft Edit

2012: Happy Endings

Best Free Agent Acquisition Edit

2007: Oligodendrocyte (Ryan Braun)

2008: Craggy Island Padres (Cliff Lee)

2009: Oligodendrocyte (Jayson Werth)

2010: Happy Endings (Jose Bautista)

2011: Oligodendrocyte (Michael Morse)

2012: Mountain Side (Edwin Encarnacion)

2013: Mountain Side (Josh Donaldson)


Most Valuable "M" Player Edit

2007: Oligodendrocyte (Troy Tulowitzki)

2008: Fog Devils (Edinson Volquez)

2009: Oligodendrocyte (Pablo Sandoval)

2010: Craggy Island Padres (Mat Latos)

2011: Happy Endings (Jeremy Hellickson)

2012: Happy Endings (Mike Trout)

2013: Craggy Island Padres (Yasiel Puig)


Most Valuable "R" Player Edit

2010: FlashBash&Gas (Vladimir Guerrero)

2011: FlashBash&Gas (Lance Berkman)

2012: FlashBash&Gas (Adam Dunn)

2013: Oligodendrocyte (Hisashi Iwakuma)


Best Trade Edit

2007: Mountain Side

Most Active Trader Edit

2009: Craggy Island Padres

2010: Loma Verde

2011: Oligodendrocyte

Biggest FAAB Spender Edit

2009: Craggy Island Padres

2010: Craggy Island Padres

2011: Fog Devils

Stingiest FAAB Spender Edit

2009: Happy Endings

2010: Sub Par

2011: Sub Par

Most Shit Talking Edit

2009: Fog Devils

Worst Draft Edit

2007: Happy Endings

2008: Happy Endings

2009: Loma Verde

2010: Mountain Side

2011: FlashBash&Gas

2012: Team Amphetamine

2013: Happy Endings

2014: FlashBash&Gas